Camp Programme 2022

Monday 7 November 

6.30pm - 9pm 

The power of stories

Whether you’ve got an idea or a community project, sharing your story is a great way to show your passion and to help others to engage with it. In Session 1 we’ll take a look at how powerful your story can be and how you can really help bring it to life.

Thursday 10 November

6.30pm - 9pm

Shining your Light

Our 2nd session introduces projects that shine a light on pressing issues and successfully engage both local and wider audiences. We’ll also share some tips to boost your confidence and remind you to shine no matter how small you think your community contribution is.


Monday 14 November

6.30pm - 9pm

Bringing People with You

During session 3 we’ll explore how you can connect with people, put them at the heart of your project and support them to stay engaged along the way, so that together, you can build something everyone is part of and proud of.


Thursday 17 November

6.30pm - 9pm

Making your Project Sustainable

In session 4 we’ll be looking to the future of your project and how it’s not just about getting a big pot of money (although that might help) but also about planning how to attract, grow and share the different resources your project needs to thrive.


Monday 21 November

6.30pm - 9pm

Flourishing Forwards

On our final session we’ll come together as a group to celebrate our shared experience over the last couple of weeks. We’ll reflect on everything we’ve learnt, the connections we’ve made and how we can continue to flourish not only as individuals but with our communities.