7 September 2016

If you live for food—eating it, making it, buying it, cooking it, growing it, talking about it, sharing it or studying it—then here are a few ideas to put your passion to use as a force for good in your home and community.

A sliced Victoria sponge cake.

Start a neighbourhood potluck club

Take it in turns to host your neighbours, or choose an easy venue. The host chooses a theme, e.g. Italian, something red, cheese, and everyone brings a dish to enjoy together.

Join your local Clandestine Cake Club

If you love baking cakes, eating cakes and talking about cakes while meeting new people then this is the club for you.

Find out the history and heritage of your favourite foods

Where did they originate, what were they used for, how have they changed? Try org or this guide to Getting started in food history. Use your new food knowledge as a party trick, or get the family to research and contribute something about the meal’s origins before dinner.

Find a local charity or community group that needs cooks or bakers

Use the filters on do-it.org to find food related ways you can volunteer.

Join a Meetup Foodie group

Meetup has a huge range of groups started by foodies far and wide: from lovers of local, to macaroon makers to medieval bakers.

Invite the neighbours round for a beer

But not any old beer—one that you’ve brewed yourself out of waste bread! Check out the recipe from Toast Ale and you’re sure to impress your guests.

Set up a communal pantry or fridge in your street

Take inspiration from this community fridge in Frome, Somerset, which gives to those in need and reduces food waste at the same time!

Have a cup of tea and a piece of cake with the elderly

Contact the Elderly is a charity that organises Sunday tea parties for isolated or lonely older people. If you love baking and a cup of tea, but require eating buddies, check out opportunities to start a tea party in your neighbourhood.

Start a food related community project

If you’re a teacher of taste, an activist against food waste, a believer in buying local, a soldier for sustainability, a solution-finder for food shortages, or a revolutionary reducing food poverty then try our Big Lunch Extras resources list for food community project ideas you can join or get involved with.

Have a neighbourhood get-together

Get the neighbours together, at any time of the year—whether it’s for a Big Lunch, a barbeque, Sunday roast, a Christmas meal, a football finale, someone’s birthday, anniversary or wedding. Any excuse to eat, right? The power of food is strong, so harness your energy and enthusiasm and unleash its delicious goodness in your community!

Getting together can be as full on or simple as you like, so give it a try and let us know how you get on.

The power of food is strong, so harness your energy and enthusiasm and unleash its delicious goodness in your community!