13 October 2021

This year, we joined up with a team of charities and good causes to celebrate a whole Month of Community.  Together we encouraged people right across the UK to enjoy a summer of friendship and fun and celebrate everything that makes our communities great, and a whopping 15.2 million people joined in!

The events became a moment to support our communities, thank our neighbours and reconnect after lockdown, with 78% of attendees saying the Month of Community was exactly what was needed after more than a year of coronavirus.  And we have some more great news from our independent research….

The Month of Community created new friendships

The Month of Community created a sense of togetherness with 75% of attendees saying that it’s made them feel less lonely. And those feelings last, with 77% saying they would like to stay in touch with some of the new people they’ve met.

The Month of Community brought neigbourhoods together

Not only that, the Month of Community increased neighbourly feelings, with 76% of attendees saying that the event had created a stronger sense of community spirit and had a positive impact on the community.

The Month of Community encouraged people to get involved

The Month of Community encourages people to take action, with 76% of attendees saying that the events have encouraged them to get more involved in voluntary work, and more involved with their community too (78%).

So…. We’re going to do it all again!  The Month of Community 2022 promises to be even bigger and better so watch this space.

Meet the Partners

We believe that together we are stronger. You can find out more about each Month of Community partner below.

Use #MonthofCommunity to share the events you host, we'd love to see how you choose to celebrate your community and take steps towards the future.