8 February 2019

Nureen was born in 1984 in Kingston, Jamaica. At the age of 3, She moved to England, following an accident, which led to the loss of sight in her right eye. As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, Nureen has been in the kitchen since she was 4-years-old. She said ‘Even as a child I would bake. I love food – it makes me happy!’

Feed Me Good

Despite a career in the food industry, something seemed to be missing for Nureen, so she created her company Feed Me Good. As a mother, Nureen appreciates the importance of involving the whole family in the process of cooking. She said ‘We promote healthy lifestyles. Eat good, feel good, look good. Our focus is not on weight management but on how to eat healthily by cooking homemade meals that focus on nutrition, on a budget.’

Since 2016, Feed Me Good has grown from a small start up to a successful community focused project and in 2017, Nureen partnered with Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, as one of the faces of their LIVE LAGOM project (LAGOM is Swedish for ‘just the right amount ’). The project sets the goal of people living more sustainably within their own home, whether it’s recycling, reducing food waste or growing your own produce.

The Big Lunch

Nureen held her first ever Big Lunch in 2018, in Orpington, Kent. She tied her Big Lunch in with one of her workshops, using it as a perfect opportunity for the community to come together and eat the nutritious food they’d learnt to cook, as one. She said ‘It was such a fantastic day. The kids were so enthusiastic and willing to eat fruit and vegetables they’d not tried before.’

Nureen’s Big Lunch catered for both young and old neighbours, with everything from face painting and bouncy castles for the young, to cooking classes for the adults. She said ‘I remember thinking “why have I not done this before? It’s so much fun!”’

Good news spreads fast, and that was definitely the case for Nureen’s Big Lunch. She said ‘families told their friends who were new to the area. They later said how much The Big Lunch helped them to integrate into their new community and get to know their neighbours. That was something I really loved.’

If you’d like to get to know your neighbours and make friends, why not become a Big Luncher like Nureen? You can register for you FREE Big Lunch pack to help you get started, here.

I remember thinking “why have I not done this before? It’s so much fun!”