16 April 2021

We're teaming up with good causes across the UK to celebrate summer 2021  with a whole Month of Community! Join in whenever works for you and your community, whether that's to say cheers to volunteers, connect with your neighbours or simply to say thank you...


Join a summer of freindship and fun with The Big Lunch

Despite the difficult times for every one of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people feel that there have been some positive things to come out of this time.

Spending more time at home and being more present in our communities has brought with it a heartening wave of community action, seeing neighbours talking and supporting one another far more than ever before. 

The Big Lunch is all about celebrating community connections and getting to know one another a little better - and this year, there are more reasons than ever to get together as The Big Lunch kicked off the Month of Community. See how the big weekend went and get some inspiration for your event...

Join in whenever works for you and your community, whether that’s to say cheers to volunteers, connect with your neighbours, or simply to say thank you. It's an opportunity to bring our neighbourhoods closer, give back, and shine a light on the amazing communities we live in, to give community spirit a boost as we head into summer. Get your free pack now and start planning!

The #MonthofCommunity starts with The Big Lunch weekend from 5 June, and supports a number of charitable events throughout the summer.  Why not host your Big Lunch in support of one of these great causes?

 • Volunteers Week 1-7 June

• The Big Lunch 5-6 June

• Neighbourhood Watch Week 5-11 June

 Carers Week 7-13 June

• Loneliness Awareness Week 14-18 June

• Refugee Week 14-20 June

• Small Charity Week 14-19 June

• The Great Get Together 18-20 June

• Thank You Day 4 July

Use #MonthofCommunity to share the events you host, we'd love to see how you choose to celebrate your community and take steps towards the future.

Struggling to re-connect?

You're not alone.  Our latest survey conducted by OnePoll has revealed that over 20 million people in the UK are suffering with re-entry anxiety, around 55% of the UK's population are still wary about socialising without restrictions, and around 10 million people have said that they have forgotten how to have a proper conversation.

But don't worry - we are here to help you feel confident about getting back out into your communities!

Sign up for our free Big Lunch pack full of tips, ideas, and advice on how to host a Big Lunch safely, and join the conversation on our social channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and Our Community Facebook group to swap ideas and chat with other Big Lunchers.

This year, The Big Lunch is a truly moveable feast from 5 June. Join in this summer and set your own big date to celebrate!