5 December 2019

Thank you to Tracey, our UK Delivery Manager, for sharing her touching poem on loneliness and the vulnerability of being human. Grab a cuppa and reflect. 

Two people hugging

Loneliness: The vulnerability of being human

I don’t know if I fit, I am who and what I am, who judges?... Me

Don’t be afraid, sometimes we need help, a face, a place, a cuppa, sometimes nothing helps…

My heart feels the pain in your voice

Listening to me? Hear me

To be alone is fine, lonely is fine, you are not the only one

There is light at the end of the tunnel, keep pushing though the rain

Loneliness is solitude having an off day, it’s a step back that will soon help you leap forward

It’s a strength and a privilege not to feel lonely. Your journey does not have to end with loneliness

My disconnect, my despair, my heartache that I hide my hurt, my loneliness, to protect you

The façade we hide behind, if we let go of the mask we can begin to see, to see each other

To see the vulnerability of being human

It is OK just to be, to be in the here and now and love the word: belong

You are everything you need to be, you are worthy

You have value just for being you

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, the loneliness was driving me quite mad