23 September 2019

A Jumble Trail is a celebration of community and recycling, oh and bargains of course! Imagine a car boot sale, only held in a neighbourhood outside homes across lots of streets. Literally everyone and anyone in the community can take part.

It’s a brilliant way for people to sell things they don’t need, rather than them gathering dust unused, unloved and unwanted. Upcycling and recycling is great for the environment, and it’s good for our pockets too.

Simply by setting up stalls in their front gardens, or on pavements outside their homes people can sell basically whatever they like – so expect treasures from bric-a-brac, records, books and vintage clothes to children’s toys, yummy cakes and home grown produce too. Buyers can get things at affordable prices and sellers make a bit of extra cash – less waste, great savings and profits to boot.

Our very own Head of PR, Sarah Boniface, told us “St James Jumble Trail in Walthamstow East London brings our neighbourhood alive with people buzzing about the streets chatting and sharing and enjoying the treasures they find. I’m a resident and a punter each year and never miss out. This year I bought homemade vegan cakes, a stunning wool blanket and a fab rug. The neighbour who sold the cupcakes promised to share the recipe. Another neighbour lent me the extra cash I needed for the rug. I’ve paid her back since – but it just goes to show – when you need a friendly neighbour, there's usually someone willing to help you out. The Jumble Trail brings out the best in people and our community, that’s what makes it so fun!”

Taking part also gets people out from behind their closed doors, meeting, chatting and getting to know their neighbours better, building a sense of connection between people where they live. Things people sell prompt conversations and because everyone feels a sense of benefit it creates a positive atmosphere and promotes friendly attitudes, so what’s not to like!?

Communities taking part need a little coordination. Signing up in advance means stalls and their locations in a neighbourhood can be plotted on an online map, but anyone can join in on the day if they want to. The important thing is setting a date and the time and publicising the event in advance.


With so many benefits, there are plenty of reasons to get a Jumble Trail started. Tell us about it if you decide to plan one near you.