24 November 2020

Tree Dressing Day takes place on the first weekend in December, it was initially started in 1990 as an expression of a love for trees but now encompasses so much more.

Tree dressing is a fun and creative way to brighten up an outdoor space and spread a bit of positivity. It’s perfect for celebrating or showing-off a special community spot or just simply marking a place to reflect and enjoy the outdoors.

Take part by decorating a tree with ribbons, lights, or homemade decorations. Start by putting a few pieces up and write a note or put a message out encouraging others to get involved too.

There are a few ways you can decorate the tree depending on what materials you have to hand.

Here are some of our favourites;

  • Illuminate your tree with mini lanterns

Put tea lights or LED bulbs into old jam jars and place them around the base or use string to hang them up. Add a little extra by colouring in the glass with permanent markers, tying ribbons around the rim or gluing coloured tissue paper onto the outside glass.

  • Celebrate nature using items on your doorstep

Get outside and collect some natural treasures! Weave wool or ribbon around dry twigs, paint pinecones or holepunch fallen leaves to make natural decorations.

  • Brighten up people’s day with a burst of colour

Tie ribbons or lengths of scrap fabric onto branches or bushes for a simple but effective burst of colour and captivating movement in the wind.

  • Transform your recycling into fun creations

Have a rummage and reimagine your recycling, create milk bottle birds, bunting from old fabric or card, or a windchime from metal bottle tops.

  • Catch the eye of passers-by with yarn bombing

Wrap colourful wool around tree trunks or branches or make crochet shapes to hang.

  • Get crafty with homemade hanging decorations

Try your hand at wool or tissue-paper pom-poms, origami decorations or fun felt shapes. Check out how to pull together pom-poms or make a felt hanging heart.

Share snaps of your snazzy trees with us @edencommunities.

No trees nearby? No worries! Brighten up railings, lamp-posts, bushes or a bench instead, just be sure to get permission where necessary. 

If you'd like to take decorating to another level, you can light up your street with a silhouette masterpiece! Why not get your street involved?