29 July 2019

Patrick Grier from Nextdoor, a private social network for your neighbourhood, talks about how you can use the platform to bring your community together.

At Nextdoor, we are constantly surprised and delighted with how our members use the platform to come together and connect in meaningful ways. Our motto is ‘when neighbours start talking, good things happen’.

Over the past couple of years, when brilliant community events like the Big Lunch come around, we see Nextdoor members reach out to their community with all types of creative ideas to bring their local community together. Whether it’s holding a street party for the Big Lunch, exercise classes in a local park, or even just arranging to meet for a cup of tea and a chinwag.

Joanne Boal, who’s a lead in her neighbourhood in Northern Ireland is a fantastic example of someone who has used Nextdoor to help encourage neighbours in her area to join in with The Big Lunch. Joanne has worked very hard to create community cohesion through organising local gatherings and spearheading the annual Big Lunch event. Although not originally from the area, she has gone out of her way to bring together the wider community, both new and old.

A huge congratulations is in order to Joanne who received a well-deserved Good Neighbour award for her neighbourly approach to life. She was one of seven UK winners selected by Nextdoor!

We encourage anyone who may be looking to host a community event to get advice from those who know best: your neighbours. You can start discovering your local community today by using Nextdoor.